“KomsoMALL” RLC in Volgograd is being prepared for launch. Currently entrance ensemble is in the final stage of decoration. “KomsoMALL” RLC main entrance will be finished with modern composite materials in a vivid and vibrant style. Dress work is in progress inside the building.

“KomsoMALL” RLC in Volgograd is being prepared for launch. Currently entrance ensemble is in the final stage of decoration.

The first H&M shop in Yekaterinburg will be launched in KomsoMALL RLC on April 14. H&M Hennes & Mauritz is a popular network of fashionable clothing shops.

All facilities launched in 2011 are competing. Professional jury is comprised of 200 experts on commercial real estate market. The first tour of voting was conducted online. Experts assessed the facilities by various criteria. The three leaders were “KomsoMALL”, “Belgorodskiy” City Mall” and “SemYa” RLC.

DVI Group declared that the third phase of KomsoMALL RLC in Volgograd goes for sale. The holding will develop the RLC in tandem with Castorama. The new partner is a part of Kingfisher group, which is one of the world leaders in the market of household goods and DIY building implements.

On May 19 KomsoMALL - one of Volgograd’s largest retail complexes in the city - will be presented to the market players. New complex is the second facility of a federal RLC network of the same name. It will open its doors in October 2011, and one more KomsoMALL will be launched in August 2012 in Irkutsk.

On April 28, on the Rex-2011 (MALL) exhibition DVI Group presented new KomsoMALL RLC network facilities to the market players. A total of four facilities were presented under this brand name: KomsoMALL RLC in Yekaterinburg (67 000 sq.m.), a new project in Volgograd (104 000 sq.m.) and two more new facilities – in Irkutsk (75 000 sq.m.) and Tyumen (97 900 sq.m.)

A ceremonial opening of the first SACHET hypermarket took place in KomsoMALL RLC on April 2, 2011. SACHET is a popular network of household goods shops.

Another outlet of the popular H&M network of fashionable clothing shops will be launched in the new KomsoMALL RLC. It will occupy 2000 sq.m. of space. The new shop will offer basic lines of clothing for women, men, children and teenagers.

A handful of new shops opened in KomsoMALL RLC in September. The M-Video electronics and household appliances hypermarket is one of the anchor tenants. The launch of this shop was most anticipated.

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