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DVI Group was founded by Vyacheslav Kaminsky in 2002. The company’s key line of business is diversified development (investment, construction and subsequent management of commercial properties). The company primarily markets RLC, office centers (business parks) and multiplex movie theaters.
DVI Group operates two «Stolitsa» RLC’s in Perm and Izhevsk and the «KomsoMALL» RLC in Yekaterinburg. The second “KomsoMALL” RLC will be launched in February 2012 in Volgograd, and yet another facility – in 2013 in Irkutsk. The fourth “KomsoMALL” RLC will be launched in 2014 in Tyumen.

In 2009, DVI Group established itself as a company holding a strong market position. The existing retail and leisure complexes in Perm and Izhevsk are completely occupied by tenants and operate at full capacity. DVI Group has never failed to meet its credit liabilities to RF Sberbank, the company’s strategic partner. Sberbank, in turn, has provided the company with scheduled credit tranches for completion of new projects.

The new innovation KomsoMALL brand was a highlight in the market. «KomsoMALL» brand is an expression of Russian national values like patriotism, dignity, family, unity. «KomsoMALL» brand is a contribution to stability of economy in regions where the brand is present. «KomsoMALL» brand is a stable project financial institutions and tenants can rely on.
Developing its business, DVI Group has grown into an active player in the secondary market of commercial property. The company expands its asset portfolio by buying the existing facilities and increasing their value through efficient management and upgrading. Thus in Perm the company bought a five-storey administrative building that is now being converted into an EKO retail and office center of Class B+. For DVI Group this is a new format of business park created by redevelopment of an old building.

In 2009, a year generally unfavorable for developers (according to СBRichardEllis, the average shopping space rent decreased by 25-30%), DVI Group optimized business processes by reducing operating costs and finding ways to enhance profitability of the existing RLCs.

In 2010, KomsoMALL RLC was commissioned (Yekaterinburg, 67,000 sq m).
2012 will see DVI Group two new facilities open. In February the company will open KomsoMALL, one of the largest RLC’s in Ural and the first facility in a whole federal network of the same name. (Volgograd, 104,000 sq m) and the conversion of the EKO Business Park will be completed in the fall.

One of DVI Group priority objectives is reforming the facility management system to achieve transparent operation of the chain as a whole. The company intends to improve management standards and bring its financial reporting into line with international standards. Making an IPO in a positive macroeconomic environment remains the company’s strategic goal.

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